Cable Knit Unisex Jumper Merino Wool in Gorgeous Blue.



Cable Knit Unisex Jumper Merino Wool in Gorgeous Blue.

This cable knit jumper is made with 100% merino donegal tweed yarn. It comes in a selection of colours including a gorgeous blue and cosy purple, to suit a range of needs and outfits. Pair this jumper with your favourite pair of jeans on cool autumn and winter days. Perfect for both males and females, to shop for both of you at once! The cable knit bings back childhood memories, and takes me to the classic English heritage of wearing tweed. This garment combines my passion for the flecked nature of the yarn and love of all time English classics.

Regular fit
regular length top
• round neck
• full length sleeves
• 100% pure merino wool

Additional information

Clothing Size

Adult size, 10-12

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Knitting and designing clothes and accessories has been my passion for a very long time. I started to knit when I was five, learning from my grandmothers. In November 2018 I created my own fashion brand “Emelian & Pier” named after two very special men in my life: my son Emelian and my husband Pier Giuseppe. Since starting this exciting journey into the world of fashion, I have become driven in my designs to reinvigorate classic British and Irish styles. This focus enables me to attract customers by a unique modern twist on some British classics, creating beautifully designed, high quality, professionally made garments. One inspiration that I love to incorporate is the beauty of the Celtic ornaments and knots. A great passion of mine is the traditional Irish tweed donegal yarns, so all the garments that you can see in my shop are knitted using donegal tweed yarns. My favourite yarns to work with are merino, mohair, and cashmere. I also integrate silk into my knitwear garments to create a soft touch. I only use natural materials in my creations, staying away from polyester and other man made materials, ensuring that all my garments are made to the highest quality. When working on a new design I always consider how it will fit into the busy modern world. As a result, all my designs are adaptable, and can be worn with jeans, skirts and office wear. Keeping this versatility means that my customers can wear my garments both out and about and around the house, giving them an every day sophistication. As well as retaining classic aspects to my designs, I like to add more updated styles such as jumpers, cardigans, scarves and hats. I see these modern styles as the future of Emiliano & Pier. My collection fits into the sustainable fashion movement, as the garments from Emelian & Pier are of a quality that will last. Anastasia.