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My name is Dr David Postlethwaite. I am a fully qualified and insured Hypnotherapist with 30 years of successful practice. I currently have a thriving, busy practice in the Northeast of England, but I have worked in many countries, including Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sudan. I have decided to release my therapies in CD, USB and electronic download format.
Hypnotherapy Eating Disorders – Bulimia nervosa is another condition that makes the sufferer feel the need to control their weight. If someone suffers bulimia, they will try to restrict the amount of food they eat, binge and purge.

Binge eating is when they repeatedly eat a large quantity of food in one sitting. Usually, this is done with high-calorie, fatty foods. Binges may happen spontaneously (often triggered by emotions like stress or anxiety) or they may be planned. During a binge, there may be a sense of mania or a loss of control. After a binge, they will feel guilty, ashamed and worried that they may put on weight. In an attempt to avoid this, they will purge.
Bulimia Hypnotherapy

Purging a symptom of Bulimia Nervosa

Purging is the act of ridding the body of food. This is usually done by vomiting or taking laxatives. Less usual forms of purging include excessive exercising, diet pills and periods of starvation. They feel like they must regain control by purging, and the urge to do it becomes more frequent. In some cases, they may feel the need to purge after every meal.

Understandably, this cycle of binging and purging takes its toll on both their body and their mind. Because they may be within the normal weight range, making it all the more difficult to spot.
Signs and symptoms

Like most eating disorders, they are likely to hide their behaviour. They may also be in denial of the fact that they have a problem. This can make it very hard for them to seek support. The following signs may indicate that someone has bulimia:

Being overly critical of their body and weight.
They are isolating themselves from people or situations.
Frequent trips to the bathroom, especially after meals.
Scars on the knuckles (from forced vomiting).
Taking diet pills or laxatives.

If you have bulimia are more likely to have a normal weight, but this does not mean you do not need help.

The therapy on this recording is designed to help gain control in control of the sufferers emotions, feelings and compulsions that they have giving them full and proper control of their eating.

Instructions for safe and proper use
1. If you have purchased this therapy make sure you have saved the file to the device you wish to play it on.
2. Begin by finding somewhere where you can safely relax, this therapy is going to induce you into a state of hypnosis so should not be used whilst driving or operating machinery. As a general guide look at the situation and ask yourself, would I be safe if I fell asleep?
3. Begin playing the recording and follow my verbal instructions.
4. Relax and enjoy
5. Repeat at least once daily for at least a month.
Please do not mistake these with cheaper products produced by poorly qualified therapists, this product will induce you into a state of Hypnosis, during this state I will give you some very powerful suggestions enabling you to make positive changes to your life. You must not use theses therapies when driving or operating machinery.


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Dr David Postlethwaite is a Hypnotherapist with 30 years of sucsessful practice.

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