Bruno – small bearded tattooed doll



Meet Bruno, your new room mate!

He’s made from 100% natural unbleached calico, beard made from felted wool and cloths from jersey and painted facial features and tats. He’s the only one of my small dolls that you can undress (cheeky!) and see his tattoos in all his naked glory!

He’s a small fellow at 4.5 inches tall but he makes up for it in charm.

He’s a man of simple requests and asked me to show you his list of needs:

“Here’s list of things to do to best look after me:

Please don’t put me in a washing machine, if I get dirty gently wipe with a damp cloth or sponge (and I mean lightly, I have sensitive skin!). This won’t work with my hair or beard so gently try to get out dirt with a damp cotton bud trying to stay with the direction of the hair.

I try very hard to stay still when being posted but if my hair is a bit untidy just use a bit of hairspray on your finger and smooth down any stragglers. A gentleman needs to look his finest after all.

Kids are cute but I don’t like playing with them (my short legs mean I can’t run that fast) so try to keep me away from those under 3, not due to loose parts but to keep me safe from drool (and being eaten).

Try not to keep me in my bag too long at a time, the dark space makes me sad and lonely. Maybe place me around different places in your home, I like a change of scenery every so often.

Other than that I’m an easy roommate, thanks for letting me stay!”

He comes in his own storage bag (again 100% natural unbleached cotton) stamped with his name should you forget (shame on you if you do!).

Hi I’m Natalie and I run Betty & Bobbin.

I started Betty & Bobbin so I could work from home and look after my daughter, Betty, at the same time. I started doing embroidery which I still do on commission, but have recently had to find another way to make it work as I struggle with hand and wrist pain (boo!). So I discovered the amazing joy of making bearded men (and unbearded) and here we are today!

Any  commission work required please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please follow my textile craftery on Instagram or Facebook @bettyandbobbin

thanks for reading! Xxx

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