Bronze Wire Plant Markers – Herbs Set of 4


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Crafted from solid bronze wire, these beautiful plant markers will help you to quickly identify your herbs.
This set of 4, includes, Oregano, Basil, Thyme and Sage, and would make the ideal gift for a keen gardener, or someone with a passion for cooking with fresh herbs.
They are perfectly happy outdoors all year round, without rusting, and the bronze will mellow to a ‘bronze statue’ colour over time.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to commission a set with names of your choice.

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Hi I’m Gill and I have a love of nature and a need to create. I originally honed my wire skills over many years making jewellery and tiaras, but I had a yearning to make larger more expressive pieces, that importantly had a life of their own.

I work in my Sussex based studio, using mainly stainless steel wire straight from the roll and this means that my sculptures are suitable for both indoors and out. With the outdoor pieces in particular I like to make larger, life-sized pieces and this led to my learning to weld in order to create a support framework. A bit of a change from my tiara days!

I take each sculpture through a creative process, which inevitably leads to a stage where I’m unhappy with my progress. Fortunately, this is usually closely followed by a breakthrough, when a spark of life takes hold of the piece, and a new creature is born!

As well as the pieces you see here in my shop, I also take on commission work and I’d be happy to discuss your requirements. You can email me directly at [email protected]