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Lovely bookmark with a fabric pumpkin and a button
Hand sewn, stuffed with toy stuffing and an ice cream stick
Measures: 3,5cm x 12,5cm

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0-3-months, 12-24-months, 12-yrs-plus, 2-4-years, 3-6-months, 5-yrs-11yrs, 6-12-months, 1, 1 Name, 1 personalised decoration, 16 inch belcher, 16 inch trace, 18 inch adjustable Black cord, 18 inch ball, 18 inch belcher, 18 inch snake, 18 inch trace, 2, 2 Names, 2 peas, 2 personalised decoarations, 2018, 2019, 24 inch long cable, 3, 3 (one if each style), 3 Names, 3 peas, 3 personalised decorations, 3 soldiers, 3 x pom pom, 3- one of each design, 4, 4 – White Sea Glass, 4 Names, 4 Pearl Clusters, 4 personalised decorations, 4-5 names, 5, 5 – White Sea Glass, 5 decorations, 5 Names, 5 Pearl Clusters, 5 personalised decorations, 6, 6 – Brown Sea Glass, 6 Pearl Clusters, 6-8 names, 7, 7 -Amber/Brown Sea Glass, 8, 8 – Green Sea Glass, 8 Rose Ring, 8-10 names, A, A A Milne, A Set of 2, A|B|C|D|E, A|B|C|DE, Abalone shell, Acrylic, Add 1 pet, Add A Manchester Bee To The Back, Add New Home Owner’s Name, Adult – 3 roses, Adult – 8 rose ring, Adult hard headband, Agatha Christie, Age 16, Alexandre Dumas, All of the above, Alligator clip, Alternative therapy, Anchors, Anne Bronte, Apple, Aqua Box, Aristotle, Arm warmers, Arthur Conan Doyle,, B, B Set of 2, Baby/Toddler soft headband, Batman, BAUBLE AND BRACELET, BAUBLE AND BRACLET, BAUBLE ONLY, Beach, Beach surfer, beaded, beaded cord, Beatrix Potter, bee, Big Starfish, bird, Bird cosy, birds, Bitten Head, Bitten Head and Leg, Bitten Leg, bloomer /elasticated leg, Bohemian, boho, Boho / Gypsy, Boho Style, both shelves to be wine racks, Bow, Bow with bobble, Bow with clip, bow with nylon headband, Boy, Bram Stoker, Bright Blue Box, British colombian, Bronze, Brooch, Bunny Rabbit, butterfly, Button, button on braces, Buttons, Buttons and diamontes, Buttons, diamontes, bow and wooden decoration, C, C.S. Lewis, Captain America, Card and Box, Card Only, Card Only / Card & Box, Card Only / Card and Box, carousel horse, Carved jade, CAT, Cat cosy, caterpiller, Ceiling Pendant, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Charm bracelet, cheese, Child – 3 roses, Choice of bracelet (options 1,2 or 3), circus animal pattern, clip on braces, coffin, Cotton Scented, Couple and 1 pet, Couple only, Crafter, Crafting each day.., Cream Headband, Crochet, Crystal healing, cupcakes pattern, D, D. H. Lawrence, Dainty Elegance, Daisy, dangly, Dante, Daphne du Maurier, day of the dead skulls, Design, Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Designer Elegance, Diamantes, diamonds, DINOSAUR, dinosaur pattern, disco, DOG, Dog Handler, Doggies + house + tree, dots, Double setting, Double setting With AB Crystal Beads, Double setting with Blue Crystal Beads, Double sided, double sleeve- long elasticated with flutter, double sleeve- long straight with flutter, double sleeve- puff with flutter, Dragon cosy, drop, E, Earrings only, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Bronte, F, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Father Christmas, Faux diamonds, Felt, Female figure, Festival, Filling, Finish, Fireman, Fish Bone, FLAMINGO, Flip-top mitss, Flip-top mitts, floral, floral antlers with letter, floral letter, flowers, flutter sleeve, For Fox Sake, Fountain Pen, Fox cosy, Frame, Framed – Black, Framed – White, Framed – Wood finish, frankenstine, Frosted, Fruit, Fyodor Dostoevsky, G, Geoffrey Chaucer, Geometric Elegance, George Orwell, Get sh*t done, Get Stuff Done, Gift Bag Sand Dollar, Gift Box BowTieWrap, Gift Box with BowTieWrap, Gift Box with Hot Pink BowTieWrap, Gift Box with Natural BowTieWrap, Gift Box with Red/White BiwTieWrap, Gift Box with Red/White BowTieWrap, Gift Box with Silver/White BowTieWrap, Gift Box with Turquoise BowTieWrap, Gift Tags, Ginger Bites Set of 3 (as shown), Girl, Glitter red hat, Gloves, Green and grey, H, H.G. Wells, ham, ham and cheese, Hand carved, Hanging, Hans Christian Andersen, Happy Birthday, Happy Halloween, Healing stone, HEART, hearts, high waist, high waist h bar, Hippie, Home decor, Homer, Hooded Sweater, Hook Direction, Hook Direction (inwards), Hook Direction (outwards), hoop, Horse cosy, Hunter, Hunters, I, I choose to be …., If you can dream it, IOSAUR, iphone 5/SS/SE, iphone 6 /6S, iphone 7/8, iphone 7plus, iphone S7/8, Irdicresent bead clusters, Ironman, J, J. M. 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S. 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