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Each Bobbin/Beater is made from Perspex which has had a previous life, so it’s kinder to the environment. It’s a multi-functional little tool which will help comb your weave as you work to give your finished work a cleaner look.

You will be provided with one of these in the Roving Loom Kit, these are here in case you fancy two (to store more than one colour yarn) or if you’re like me you’ve misplaced the one from the kit.

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I’m the creator and maker of the Roving Loom, which I guess makes me the Roving Loomatic? I developed this loom as a way to bridge the gap between the Designs in Mind Studio (a working studio where adults who live with mental health challenges are referred to by GP’s or mental health teams).


Time in the studio helped me remember who I was pre-bi-polar diagnosis and depression, making with my hands helped my mind heal. This loom helped me recreate a sense of calm and let me switch off when I couldn’t make it to the studio, not everyone has a studio, but the loom could be your ‘switching off safe haven’.


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