Blue Cicada Real Insect in Frame (Tosena Splendida), Entomology Gift, Taxidermy, Home Decor


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Decorate your home or office with this beautiful real Blue Cicada. This stunning insect has been carefully mounted in a shadow box frame, allowing you to view this amazing specimen in exquisite detail.

Latin Name: Tosena splendida

Frame Size: 20 x 20 x 3cm

All specimens are mounted on conservation grade card with their common name and latin name printed beneath. They are then placed in a beautiful wooden box frame, complete with white mount and protected behind high-quality glass. Available in frame colours Black, White or Grey. The frame includes a fixing on the back for hanging, or it can be free standing.

All insects are ethically and sustainably sourced from conservation breeding farms around the world, helping indigenous people make an income while also protecting the rainforest.

Receive a loyalty card with every purchase – for every item bought, you will receive a loyalty sticker to add to your loyalty card. Once you have collected 6 loyalty stickers, your next frame is free (up to a max value of £35)! You will also receive a free pack of native British wildflower seeds with your first order.

As these are natural products, the specimen you will receive may differ slightly in appearance from the one pictured. Our insects are sourced ethically and have lived a life, this means they may have small imperfections.

Looking for a specific butterfly? Please contact us and we can check our inventory for you.

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