Beautifully Handmade Sterling Silver Wrapped 63mm Rose Quartz Pendant with Chain (Sales 13)


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This beautiful handmade Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Rose Quartz Pendant is 63mm in length and comes with a choice of Sterling Silver chain in various lengths, so please see listing for “Sterling Silver Chains”. All my work is handcrafted by me at home in Scotland. All my designs are original and every item different due to the nature of the stones I use.

All items are wrapped in tissue paper and inserted into an organza bag along with a cleaning cloth. Gift Wrapping is available and can be added to your order by choosing listing “Gift Wrapping for that Special Item”.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is the classic stone of love. It helps dissolve old hurts and open the heart to trust in love and have faith in the benevolence of the Universe. It has a melting effect on mistrust and suspicion and reawakens the heart chakra to the abundance of love available to it.

Rose Quartz Benefits – Rose quartz helps for all kinds of love, not just romantic love. Friendship, family, Divine love, self-love, and parenting are all realms where it can support love and healing. Rose quartz healing properties also include helping you fall in love with life again. If you are in a place in your life where you are tired, cynical, or even bitter, rose quartz can help you resolve and release past hurts and begin to trust life again. Angel Aura Rose Quartz (rose quartz coated with a rainbow-like sheen of powdered metals) is especially good for releasing cynicism and lifting the spirit.

How to Use Rose Quartz – If you are heartbroken, wearing a rose quartz necklace or putting a piece of rose quartz under your pillow while you sleep can help ease your pain and begin the healing process. You can also use it in meditation if this is part of your spiritual practice. Just hold it in your receiving hand (your non-dominant hand, the left hand if you are right-handed). Let yourself relax and receive the nourishment.

One of the properties of rose quartz is its soothing effect on the space it is in. Place a large chunk of rose quartz in your home or workplace to increase the vibration of harmony and love in the environment. Rose quartz benefits everyone it comes in contact with. It is also very affordable so it’s one of the best stones for spiritual decor.

Can Rose Quartz Bring Back an Ex?
One question that comes up with any love crystal is if you can use it to reunite with an ex. The reality is, everyone has free will. You cannot compel anyone to get back together with you. That isn’t a path of healing, it is an attempt to control someone else.

However, rose quartz can help you recover your self-esteem, love yourself, and help you become a whole person with a whole heart. If your ex is truly meant to be in your life, they will eventually come back. It’s not your job to make that happen; it’s your job to work on healing yourself.

Uses: Emotional Healing, Hope, Joy, Love, Nurturing, Positive Energy, Self-Love

Please read more about my items by selecting “Information Post – About My Items” as this includes important information about my Pictures, Cleaning and Materials.


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  1. H Kennedy


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  3. Yanaka Hoffman

    I absolutely love this beautiful hand-crafted creation! The craftsmanship of the wire wrap is just beyond amazing, it is marvelous! I feel the love emanating from this beautiful heartfelt creation!

  4. Jayne O.

    Nice chain. Compliments the necklace.

  5. Jayne O.

    I love it. The picture didn’t do the necklace justice; prettier in person. Will definitely purchase more from Zoe.

  6. Heather Delaney

    Lovely chain

  7. Heather Delaney

    Beautifully crafted .to add to it putting in a slip of paper on the meaning of crystal would be good

  8. Dora Beekmans

    So beautiful. Special made for me! So happy with this wonderful earrings.

  9. Dora Beekmans

    Beautiful. Very nicely designed. Truly a jewel

  10. Tracey B.

    Absolutely beautifully packaged, gorgeous pendant exactly as shown in the photos, some of the best wire work I’ve ever seen, would totally recommend and will be back to purchase again. thank you Zoe

  11. Tracey B.

    excellent chain, strong with a very secure clasp

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