Awen Rose LOVE Candle for Energy Clearing + Emotional Safety




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This blushing beauty is the most fragrant ✨Smudging Candle✨ you’ll ever experience. The soothing rose scent will transmute your space into a sea of ✨Unconditional LOVE✨.

Infused with the vibrational ambrosia of Rose Quartz + Moonstone to evoke a sense of ✨Emotional Safety✨.

100% Natural + Pure Essential Oils + 50 Hours Burn Time! 😍
Lovingly handmade in micro batches using food grade + organic ingredients as much as possible! 🐰

🍊 Top notes: mandarin + melissa + ho wood 🍋
🌸 Heart notes: 5 types of geraniums + Damask rose 🌹
🍰 Base notes: vanilla + ylang ylang + sandalwood 🌳

The LOVE Candle was gifted to Awen during a meditation, as a more evolved method of energetic protection.

Rather than defending yourself behind an auric fortress, which is based in fear, fill your space with rose quartz light instead.

Light your LOVE Candle for a gorgeous ambience, infusing the air with Venusian grace. As you move through your cosy sacred space, you may feel as if you are being hugged by an invisible comfort blanket! 💕

Any energy that enters my space is graciously dissolved in an ocean of LOVE.

Awen uses a special blend of plant waxes to achieve superior scent throw beyond regular soy candles. The melted wax pool is a serene lake, and the flame is calm like a temple fire; yet the fragrance will envelope your entire house 😌

You may use the LOVE Candle in place of smudging with sage or palo santo – no more smoking out the house!! 🥳

Energy clearing aside, the candle is also great for cleansing stale air and cooking smell. The scent is soothing rosy, yet very fresh 🍃

To make the most of your candle, give it a few hours on the first burn, until the surface of the wax is completely melted. This prevents a tunnelling of unburnt wax being left on the sides of the candle jar. Trim the wick to 1 cm before each burn 😇

Awen Rose Pulse Kiss is the super cute roll on version of the Aura Elixir. Perfect for your handbag + wedding favours + stocking fillers! 🎉

Awen Rose Chocolate Bar is a fragrance inspired collaboration with Michelin “chocolatier to the royals” Aneesh Popat. It’s pink chocolate swirled with rose + saffron + pistachio + cardamom. Poetically strewn with rose petals + 23ct gold leaves, so you can TASTE divine grace in sensuous form ✨

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Awen Rose Chocolate Bar (+£10), Awen Rose Pulse Kiss (+£12), Awen Rose Pulse Kiss + Chocolate Bar (+£22), Just the candle please (+£0)


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Celestial Symphony is a collection of fragrant things infused with vibrational ambrosia. Lovingly handmade in micro batches by the Soul Whisperer Awen Sophia Rose, at her apothecary in enchanted Devon.

Awen set out to create natural perfumes that transcend aromatherapy into the realm of fine fragrance. As such, all of Celestial Symphony fragrances are composed of pure essential oils. Each fragrance is designed to support a particular spiritual and wellness focus, and is attuned to a relevant chakra.

True to Awen’s philosophy of alchemising wellness + pleasure, each fragrance is also a multi-purpose beauty wonder. Rare botanicals + potent CO2 extracts are synergistically blended to promote deep healing + radiance. Where possible, organic + food grade ingredients are used in the formulations.

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