Ashes forever in glass- European charm bead


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I work from my home studio based in Essex, using a kiln, blow torch and glass.
I use a small amount of human or pet ashes, draw them into glass rods and work then into a mixture of colours, swirling them to make interesting shapes.
Once I have made the bead, I place it in to a kiln to make it strong.

I like to get to know who I am doing the work for, I like to know the name of the person or pet. I love what I do and I enjoy hearing about all the people and pets I have had the honour of working with.

I need half a teaspoon of ashes sent to me in an air tight bag, I can send one if required.
Please send it to me signed for, and this will get to me.

I discuss colours with you personally, I can blend several to add interest to the bead.

Once complete I send pictures to show you my work and if you are happy- I then add a silver core in the middle.

Once complete I return everything to you, by special delivery. This includes unused Ashes, any ashes drawn into glass but unused and any additional beads I have made – should I need to try out the colours.

I have a Facebook page – the molten pixie, where I have completed the majority of my ashes work to date. You will see I have very good reviews.

I appreciate that I am dealing with something very special, I take great care to keep all orders separate. I work very hard to try and meet /exceed customer expectations.

I also feel very strongly about keeping my costs affordable for people.
I offer discounts if the order is for more than one bead.

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I try to work within a two week period, it can take longer during busy times.  I have a part time job, and I am a mum to a four year old.

I cannot offer refunds on ashes work. I will however check throughout the process that the beads are to customer expectations by regular communication and photos.

I can remake up until the point I place silver in the item.

When posting ashes, please place half a teaspoon of ashes in a zip lock bag, I can send one on request.

Please send the ashes to my address (labelled with customer name and name of the ashes) signed for.

All completed items are sent special delivery tracked and insured so that you can be confident your keepsakes will not be lost.

I will return any unused ashes, any ashes drawn into glass but not used, any additional beads (I sometimes make several in case they crack when having silver cores placed in them)

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