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This listing is for 5 grams of Rose Petals (Rosa gallica officinalis) – Apothecary Rose – this product has been grown here in Derbyshire and dried, without the use of chemicals.

Alignment/Associations – Venus, Water and Femininity.

History – This is such a lovely rose, it has the deepest bright pink petals, and is a lovely semi double flower, I’m told (due to allergies and sinus issues I don’t have a fantastic sense of smell, especially when it comes to flowers/plants) that the scent is that of a true rose, as is the case with most old roses it is incredibly prickly, absolutely smothered in small thorns. Roses have been around for approx. 5,000 years, although some believe the rose can be traced back even further – 50 million years – to central America. The Apothecary rose has long been held to have come from Persia. The ancient Greeks associated the flower is the goddess Aphrodite, and according to the Iliad, she protected the body of Hector with rose oil.

Witchcraft Uses – Possibly the most potent of all the flowers and herbs when it comes to love magic. Rose petals can also be used in money, prosperity and protection spells, although it might be preferable to use more readily available rose petals for such magic; and leave these very special rose petals for Love magic.

95% of our packing material is recyclable, we use no plastic in our packaging other than a small amount of Sellotape/packing tape, and a small amount of bubble wrap when necessary. We believe in looking after the planet and mother nature just as much as we believe in looking after our own wellbeing both physically, mentally and spiritually. Pictures provided with this listing that aren’t of the actual product being sold are to show our commitment to the planet and mother nature. As part of our commitment to be more sustainable we are slowly moving away from paper and card packaging were possible.

We have many herbs and magical tools for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EnchantedRavenWitch our full range of products can be found at https:www.enchantedraven.co.uk

Please contact me if you have any queries or questions, and I will be happy to help you. Email – emma@enchantedraven.co.uk

Please note that by UK law we have to state that these ingredients, tools and spells are sold for entertainment use only. Please do not use these ingredients in place of seeking medical advice from your Doctor. Keep all ingredients away from children and pets. All items are sold for external use, and are intended for use in magical spells and charms not to be consumed. We can not be held responsible if you choose to consume these ingredients. Purchases should be 18 or over, and considered legally capable of forming a contract.

COVID-19 – We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that all our herbs, tools, spells and packaging are being handled as recommended by the UK government. All items are stored and packed in clean and sterilised areas. We are aware that occasionally Royal Mail are struggling to meet their usual delivery times, at times this can result in a delay of up to a week. More information can be found about this on the Royal Mail website. https://www.royalmail.com/coronavirus

Enchanted Raven – Committed to helping you live an enlightened and magical life. Love and blessings.


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