Alpha Centauri TT 3019 Ladies Tee


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The High Non Gender Specific Ruler Elect of the Alpha Centauri Neo Republic cordially invites all earthborn motorcycle enthusiasts to the inaugural Alpha Centauri TT Races due to be held in the earth year of 3019.

This may seem like a lifetime away for you humans but you now have ample time to engineer the scientific advances required to make interstellar travel both convenient and affordable.

Advanced algorithm based lifeforms estimate that the cost of travel should be comparable with a ferry ticket to the Isle of Man TT races, so you’d best talk to your mortgage adviser to arrange the necessary finance soon to avoid disappointment.

Or you could find something to invest your money in today that will probably make a stellar return at auction a hundred years on then use the profit for your TT tickets!

Here’s an idea! why not buy one or two limited edition Alpha Centauri TT t-shirts then time travel forward 100 years and make a mint at an antiques fair. What? you haven’t developed time-travel yet. You Earthlings always have to do everything the hard way!

*T-shirts future value can vary according to the performance of interstellar economic markets

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These T-shirts and Decals are here because I enjoy creating images and designs, Once the idea is out of my head and finished I sometimes share them on the web but I wanted to make something more tangible, something real that others might enjoy too.
Baldrick, Store Owner
ergonaut ltd trading as the Shed Built Tee & Sticker co.

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