Abstract painting, acrylic on canvas, Secret N 3 / Secret Garden painting series


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“Secret N 3” is a painting from my painting series “Secret Garden”.

About series:
I used to hide little secrets in my garden when I was a child. I put some treasuries under the broken glass pieces and admired the beauty through the glass. I had a butterfly wing, some wonderful petals and some odd found objects. I imagined my own stories and lived in my dreams, learning and exploring the world.
The painting series helps me to connect to my childhood memories, the time when I had the most happiness in my life. Under the many layers, there are hidden secrets which you can try to find out.

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Evija Laivina is  a contemporary visual artist who lives in the Scottish Highlands. Her studio is based at Inverness Creative Academy. She works in various mediums and jewellery making is her favourite hobby.