Children’s Book- ‘A Dare Too Far!’ by Joanna Greenwood


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BOOK 3 of the ‘Yew Tree Woodland Tales’ Children’s Picture Story Books Trilogy, written and Illustrated by Joanna Greenwood, Artist/Owner of ‘The You Tree’ (and indeed featuring ‘The You Tree’ itself, as “Owl’s Tree” in the story).
ISBN 9781724186881 (Item Price includes P & P)

An endearing, rhyming tale, aimed at gently exploring Respect for Elders, Listening to Good Advice, and the Dangers of Dares- independently-published 32-page, colourfully-illustrated, paperback storybook.


One member of the Hedgehog household is headstrong, and never does anything she’s told!

However her latest adventure, along with her daring friend, Magpie, may prove a step too far- will she ever learn?


The characters experience several feelings/emotions when presented with their moral dilemmas, and the story gently broaches issues involved with ”good and bad’ behaviour choices, such as-

Consequences of our behaviour choices
Importance of listening to good advice
Respect for our elders
Peer pressure
Danger of dares
Correcting our mistakes
Empathy for others
Road Safety
Hedgehog preservation (road tunnels)

Included optional Guidance Notes at the back of the book aim to provide a helpful tool for discussion with children around the story and the issues raised- perfect for social skills development, at home, or in the classroom.

Ideal for children aged 5-9, or for social skills work with older children.

* This title is part of the ‘Yew Tree Woodland Tales’ Series, although it is a stand-alone tale in itself-

BOOK 1- ‘New Kid on the Block’- focuses on Bullying and Friendship Issues
BOOK 2- ‘The Show-stopper’- focuses on Moral Dilemmas and Behaviour Choices
BOOK 3- ‘A Dare Too Far!’- focuses on Respect for Elders, Listening to Good Advice, and the Dangers of Dares

As with the other two titles of the Trilogy, there is an emphasis on the value of Teamwork, Empathy and Friendship.

Joanna Greenwood, Independent Author/Illustrator

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