5 X “Wrap Around” Plant Support Bundle


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This set of 5 hand made single stem wraparound plant supports are ideal for supporting large headed single stem flowers and is an absolute must have for every gardener.

The design makes it easy to thread around the stem of the plant providing that additional support to the flower.

The length of the stakes are around 90cm so that you can push them further into the ground to start off with and gradually pull them up as the plant grows.

These supports are hand made from solid 6mm round bar ensuring that they will last for years to come. They are sent untreated in raw steel and will develop a lovely rust patina over time and ads to their character, this will also make them blend into your garden.

The width of the scroll at the top is around 13cm at its widest point and narrows to 4.5cm at the inside of the scroll ensuring that they can be put in place without damaging the plant stem.

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