Our Story


In early 2016, with a blank canvas I started to scribble down the first ideas for what would become nuMONDAY.

I had grown tired of handmade and creative selling platforms expanding to open to wider markets and allowing mass produced and bulk sold products to be sold on their platforms as well as high commission fees being applied to sales.

Sales that were most likely driven by the seller in the first place.

It’s then I decided to set up my own marketplace.

I started to spend hours each day messaging via Instagram asking if people would be interested in joining such a platform and most often or not I did not receive a reply and mainly a lot of “no thank yous” from sellers.

They’d never heard of me or my site that had not even launched so why would they set up with me.

Then I had a yes from one person, a yes from a second and so on.

From being disheartened I had suddenly gone from an idea which no one was interested in to 35 sellers in a few weeks.

nuMONDAY was then formed and launched on 9th December 2016.

The nuMONDAY name might sound different, but it does have meaning.

“nu” stands for new and “MONDAY” represents the first day of the week.

Therefore “nuMONDAY” represents a new beginning which it was for me, and is for all of our customers discovering our platform for the first time.

Over the next 3-4 years it would be some of the toughest, hardest and the best days of my life.

I left my full time job in summer 2018 and I took a gamble to work on nuMONDAY full time as a self employed person as the platform started to grow.

In April 2019, nuMONDAY became a limited company and we are due to release our first set of accounts for this year in November 2020.

I have support from a team of likeminded individuals, who like me are passionate about the creative industry in the UK.

Since I first wrote the ideas of nuMONDAY on a blank canvas in 2016, I have always been fiercely passionate about the ethos of the company – providing an affordable platform for artists, makers and creatives in the UK to sell their work on.

That’s why on nuMONDAY we do not take commission fees on sales, have zero listing fees and unlimited listings.

All for the price of a simple monthly subscription, allowing our sellers to manage their finances and focus on what they do best – being creative.

We’ve grown our customer base from 0 to over 65,000 on Facebook, 40,000 on Instagram and have over 4,000 artists, makers and creatives selling with us currently.

We also have a Facebook group called – nuMONDAY Nation – which has over 29,500 customers for our artists, makers and creatives to promote to daily.

Each day someone new discovers us whether it be to shop or sell on our platform.

Every sale goes directly to the seller you buy from and that’s what makes us different.

Unlike on other marketplaces when you make a purchase a huge cut is usually taken from the seller, who 9 times out of 10 has worked hard to have you buy from them, only for their profit to be severely impacted.

I feel that’s not right and that’s why we do things differently.

I am proud of how nuMONDAY has grown and really excited about what the future holds.

We are doing things differently, by not taking outside investment and building a business the old fashioned way – via hard work, graft and patience.

After all, nothing happens overnight.

I hope you fall in love with our sellers work and help support all our artists, makers and creatives by becoming a loyal customer to us.

We want to shake up the creative industry in the UK and we are doing our best to do so and support all our creatives.

I want you to enjoy discovering beautiful gifts, handmade products and designed products from our artist, makers and creatives.

If you are an artist, maker or creative based in the UK and would like to know more about selling with us you can do so here or click below.

Here’s to the future and thank you for taking the time to read our story and supporting the creative industry in the UK.

Stay safe,


Founder of nuMONDAY