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The nuMONDAY Ethos

At nuMONDAY we are passionate about staying close to our truth, values and ethos that the brand and business has been founded on since it launched on 9th December 2016.

With rising costs on other marketplaces such as Etsy with regards to fees, nuMONDAY was launched as an alternative for UK creatives.

Our Ethos is quite simply to provide an affordable selling platform for creative entrepreneurs.

nuMONDAY is based on three core values:





nuMONDAY is committed to being as transparent as possible.

We keep our site simple and easy to use with easy to read terms and conditions.

Providing support through our email system, sellers support, Facebook groups or FAQ’s we are always here to support you or answer any questions or queries you may have about our business and brand.


Community is the heart of nuMONDAY.

We are passionate about our community of sellers and customers.

We run two Facebook groups for our community to interact.

nuMONDAY Nation is a Facebook group for customers and sellers to interact and for our sellers to show off their latest makes and shops to over 6,500 customers.

So if you are a customer and want to keep up to date with the newest items or are looking for a gift idea this group is perfect for you.

Our second Facebook group is called Ask Michael.

This is a support group that is ran by us and is named after our founder in order to answer seller queries or questions quickly and efficiently.

You must be a seller to join this group and it is fantastic for networking with other sellers.


In a world with rising costs, small businesses need to maximise their profits.

We know how important that is to you and that is why we have a simple subscription and pricing structure of £4.99 per month without any hidden fees or additional costs.

There are no listing or transaction fees on nuMONDAY and you receive 100% of your sales and shipping from us.

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Meet Michael


My name is Michael and I am the proud founder of nuMONDAY!

I always feel brands and businesses are lost without personalities or a bit about who is actually behind them so I thought I’d share my story, my vision and what nuMONDAY means to me.

To get started, I am 32 years old, married and have a cat (he’s our Head of Security and is called Socks).

I have grown up and lived in the Southside of Glasgow (apart from a 2 year stint in Edinburgh) all of my life.

In late 2014, I embarked on a small project selling cufflinks online.

I heard about a site from my Brother in Law called Etsy and that is when I first became fascinated by the workings of a marketplace.

During this time I found Etsy was increasingly becoming filled with Chinese imports and non-handmade goods, which for me was against what I interpreted as their founding truths, value and ethos.

A year later I stopped selling my cufflinks online and took some time to reflect on where I was going with my career (I was working full time for a retailer at this point).

It was whilst I was on honeymoon for a month in the United States that I started to reflect on my life and my happiness at work.

It was during reflection, I noticed there was a gap in the market, especially in the UK for a creative marketplace.

People were becoming increasingly frustrated with Etsy and not having a UK equivalent.

I then started to think about how it would look and what important truths and values would be required to build a community marketplace for creative entrepreneurs.

After a few months of planning, on the 9th December 2016 with 30 sellers, nuMONDAY was launched.

nuMONDAY soon started to grow rapidly and within a year had over 1,200 sellers before in 2018 reaching over 2,000 sellers with over 250,000 unique visitors per month.

People often ask about the name nuMONDAY and where does it come from.

My answer to this is as follows:

“The name nuMONDAY was based on my philosophy that everyone should follow their passions and do what they love.  Instead of dreading the working week, you should be embracing it and that’s where the name nuMONDAY was formed, with the “nu” standing for new mindset and “MONDAY” representing your new beginning.”

So where is nuMONDAY in 2018 with regards to its ethos, values and truths?

Etsy’s recent announcement of raising their fees from 3.5% to 5% including shipping (they still have PayPal or Etsy transaction fees of over 3% on top of that as well as listing fees) has caused a bit of a stir.

The rising fees and costs on the larger and bigger marketplaces shows they are becoming increasingly corporate and heading away from what their foundations were built on.

At nuMONDAY the ethos is to create an affordable platform for creatives to sell online.

It’s a simplistic and basic ethos but it is its truth and number one value.

That is why nuMONDAY is only £4.99 per month and provides 100% of sales to its sellers.

There are no listing or transaction fees.

My vision for nuMONDAY is to make it the UK’s number one marketplace for creatives.

I hope with all your support and help whether you are nuMONDAY customer or seller or simply someone thinking about joining us, you will help push the nuMONDAY brand and name to the next level.

It’s about making this fantastic community something special and creating a marketplace that creatives are proud of.

If you ever have any questions for me then please email me at [email protected],

Thank you for reading my story and welcome to the nuMONDAY Community,


nuMONDAY Founder

Find me on social:

Facebook: @nuMONDAYMichael

Twitter: @nuMONDAYMichael

Instagram: @nuMONDAYMichael




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5 Simple Tips To Success

We have put together 5 simple tips to make sure you increase your visits and conversion to your nuMONDAY shop.

nuMONDAY Nation

Our amazing Facebook group nuMONDAY Nation provides you a direct audience of over 5,000 potential customers.

By posting daily and consistently throughout the day with your links from your shop and your items, you will grow your brand and items awareness to an audience that love handmade.

Our most successful sellers have had great success on our platform as they are consistent with their posting and have the patience to ensure they build their brand to the audience.

We recommend posting at least three times a day on nuMONDAY Nation to maximise the opportunity and to grow your brand awareness in our community.


When posting on Twitter and Instagram make sure you are using the hashtag #nuMONDAY.

We follow #nuMONDAY on Instagram so we can find you and with over 5,500 posts on Instagram with this hashtag many of our customers are beginning to follow it and shop from it almost like a portfolio or gift guide.

Another tip on Instagram is to tag @nuMONDAYcom on all your Instagram stories and we will add it to our story.

Start using #nuMONDAY, give it a follow and make sure you start to follow those using it as well to build your network.


Why would you have your Etsy shop as your main URL or website link on your social media pages like Instagram?

We give you 100% of your sales so it only makes sense to use your nuMONDAY shop to drive your customers directly to your shop so you are receiving every pound of those sales!

If you’d rather give your customers choice then use to help direct customers to your different platforms.

To see how works head over to our Instagram here and look at how we use it to direct customers.


When shopping online you want to see who you are buying from.

Treat your nuMONDAY shop page as your shop window.

You would not buy from a shop that looked bare and uninviting so why would you not have a store icon to catch the attention and intrigue of customers browsing your shop.

Make sure you put your social links in your shop via My Shop > Shop Settings > Social so customers can have a nosey at your presence online and see you are trustworthy away from the platform.

Always check your social links are working and you have followed the correct guidance to link them as each one requires a different way of linking them.

We also recommend a one-line Shop Description simply stating what you sell, with your Seller Info used as the more detail description as this comes up on all the items you sell.


Make sure all of your items are categorised!

Having your items in relevant categories makes all the difference.

If you place them in categories that are not relevant then it can put customers off as there is nothing worse than spam even in a marketplace when you are looking for something specific.

Remember you can add an item in up to three categories so make sure you add it to a gift category if it is relevant for a certain occasion or person!

We hope these 5 simple tips help you grow your brand presence online with nuMONDAY and as always if you need any support please email us at [email protected]com.

Happy selling!


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Import Your Items From Etsy

“…just to say I requested that nuMONDAY upload my items from Etsy yesterday to my nuMONDAY shop and it was so easy and quick.

I now have to just add the categories in my dashboard to each listings and publish, which I can do in my own time.

If anyone is thinking about then go for it!”

Emma Kitchen, Shop Owner of Ribbons Of Hearts

We are delighted to announce our amazing service to help you get started on nuMONDAY even quicker than before!

Our Etsy Import Service allows you to send us a CSV of your files from Etsy.

We then upload your items manually and assign them to your shop saving you the hassle of having to list from scratch.

This is great for sellers who want to save time to grow their business.

To get started simply open your shop here and then email us at [email protected] with your nuMONDAY username and details of how many items you are wishing to upload along with your CSV file.



To download a CSV file from Etsy simply log in to your Etsy account and go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options and click the download tab.


Currently, we only support Etsy CSV imports.


When you download your CSV file, simply open it on your computer and delete the rows with the items you do not want to have imported before emailing us.


This service is available for downloadable items but you will have to upload the download files individually for each item.


The import does not affect your Etsy shop in any way.


We will assign the items to your shop within a maximum of 1 working day.


This service is inclusive of your nuMONDAY subscription.


Yes, this service is open to existing and new sellers.


Yes, you can continue to sell as normal on Etsy.


You will need to do the following:

  • Add Shipping (if opening a shop for the first time)
  • Add Items to a category
  • Add any variations to variable items (such as colour, size choices etc)
  • Add additional images (your featured images are automatically imported from Etsy)
  • Publish your items
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Our Facebook Group

At nuMONDAY we have an amazing Facebook Group that we run for our sellers and customers to shop, share and sell their items on!

By joining as a customers or seller your are able to see all the latest items being shared across the nuMONDAY community.

To join our amazing group simply search “nuMONDAY Nation” on Facebook or click here.

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The Benefits of Selling on nuMONDAY

When you decide to join nuMONDAY, you are not just joining a space on the internet to set up shop but you are joining a community of incredible creative entrepreneurs and small retail businesses looking to make their mark on the world.

“nuMONDAY is a game changer in the world of online selling for the handmade seller.

To have an online platform that you can actually sell and make profit from is brilliant.

I have found the site really easy to navigate and has a really professional style to the whole layout, browsing as a buyer has been a pleasure too.

I look forward to nuMONDAY growing and I love being a part of the nuMONDAY online community.”

Katie Parker, Shop Owner of Giraffe Jewellery Box

We started our mission in December 2016 with a vision to create the UK’s number one community marketplace for creative entrepreneurs and small retail businesses.

Starting out with only 35 sellers we have now grown to over 2,000 sellers who are active on nuMONDAY with unique monthly global visits up to 250,000.

People often ask us why we charge a monthly subscription and that is simply to allow us to reinvest into growing the marketplace and strengthening our position within a competitive retail environment.

“Thanks nuMONDAY! You’re creating a wonderful community of extremely talented crafters of which I’m proud to be a part!

With the support and dedication you give to us all, and the abundance of amazing items for sale, I’m sure we’ll make nuMONDAY the only place to shop!”

Charlie Fry, Shop Owner of Adnil Boutique

Opening a shop with nuMONDAY has a number of benefits but here are some of the highlights:

Benefits of Selling on nuMONDAY

Easy Set Up 

Our set up is very simple and straightforward with our Shop Support providing a step by step guide to get started.

Unlimited Listings

You can list as many items as you want on nuMONDAY at no extra cost and there is no need to re-list the after a period of time.

Low Fees

We do not charge any listing fees or transaction fees as this is covered by your monthly subscription of £5 per month.

Instant Payments

When a customer goes to checkout with your item you will receive the money due to you, including shipping, automatically.

Import Your Items from Etsy

You can have us import all or selected items from Etsy and speed up your listing time as the whole listing is copied directly into your nuMONDAY shop.

All you need to do is add the product to a category or add any variations that item might have.

0% Transaction Fees

Our transaction fee is 0%, which means we do not take a cut of any sales you have on nuMONDAY.

Item View Counts

Track how often your items are being viewed with live viewing statistics on all items.

Unique URL

Your shop has its own nuMONDAY URL so you can link it to your social media pages for customers and friends to find you.

Customisable Shop

You can fully customise your shop by linking your social media pages, add an about me and shop logo to make it unique from everyone else.

Free Cancellation

There is no contract with nuMONDAY and you can cancel at any time as we know circumstances can change.

Fantastic Customer Care

We pride ourselves on responding and listening to our sellers to improve continuously.

Meet Other Sellers and Customers

Build networks with other sellers through our Facebook group nuMONDAY Nation.

“I have found nuMONDAY to be an excellent platform to sell on, very easy to list items and a very friendly site, if you have any issues they are quickly dealt with, I can not recommend it enough.”

Shelagh, Shop Owner of SJBCrafts52

These are just some of the amazing benefits that we provide on nuMONDAY.

As always we are here to answer any questions you might have and we look forward to welcoming you to our community in the future.

To open a shop on nuMONDAY you can join by clicking here or if you wish to ask us a question or get in touch then send us an email to [email protected].

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How to Add Variations

Adding variations to your products is a great way to save time when it comes to adding your items.

Many items come in different colours and sizes and having the ability to add one item with multiple options will save time over adding each item individually.

It will also improve the customer experience and make it a smoother for your customers shopping your items.

The following tutorial video shows the basic steps to add variations to your items.


If the tutorial fails to load you can view it on YouTube here.

Step One

Change Product Type from Simple Product to Variable Product

Step Two

Go to the Attributes Tab > Select an Attribute > Tick used for Variations > Enter your Variations into the box

*If it comes up not found then please go to “Add New” and then enter the Variation Attribute you wish to have i.e. Blue for example. The system will then remember this for next time as well as showing popular options used by other users to speed up listing

Step Three

Go to the Variations Tab > Select “Create Variations from all Attributes

Step Four

Click Expand > Enter the price for each variation combination

*Tip: If all the variations have the same prices then you can go to go to the drop-down and select “Set Regular Prices.

Step Five

Add Product