Meet Samantha, the creative talent behind the nuMONDAY shop Fuzzy Moo Designs. 

Can you introduce yourself and what is it you do?

I am a passionate graphic designer who has been working in the industry for 6 years now.

I recently began Fuzzy Moo Designs with the hope to share my passion for design with others but also to produce high-quality designs at a great price!

I also am an animal lover and share my studio with one cat and one dog!

Selection of Greetings Cards from Samantha’s Shop

Have you always been creative?

Yes, I have.

Right from a child, I loved drawing and colouring in.

I never lost the passion for it and art was always my favourite lesson at school!

I continued to follow my dream to become a designer and studied graphic design at university.

What is it working with the materials that you particularly enjoy?

I love being creative, coming up with new ideas and one of my favourite things is choosing the paper stock to print my designs on – chosen well it can really set the design off and add a beautiful finish!

Can you tell us what inspires your items?

Nature is a big inspiration to me when designing.

One of the biggest things that inspired me to begin Fuzzy Moo Designs was that I was always on the hunt for blank generic greetings cards that I can keep at home in my drawer for those times when I am caught off guard and need a card urgently!

But I found it hard to find good quality cards and a reasonable price, so I decided to make them myself! 

Christmas Card available in Samantha’s Shop

How do you make your items? 

Being a graphic designer most of my work is digital and so I use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create my designs.

But I always start out with a notebook and pen to sketch and write out all my ideas!

Tell us a bit about your studio or where it is you work from?

I currently work in my studio from my own home. I have an office room with all my equipment and all the inspiration I need around me!

Is there anything within your studio or workspace you could not live without?

I could not live without my notepad!

It looks a complete mess but everything idea and thought I have for my designs goes into my notepad, I would be lost without it!

Inspirational Print £5.00

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Although entrepreneurship means setting up a business with risks involved, for me it’s much more than just profit.

I ENJOY what I do.

I am so passionate about it and I want to have fun when designing my products and share my thoughts and ideas with the world!

Who inspires you as a creative entrepreneur?

There is a wedding stationery company called ‘Blush and Gold’.

Mara is the lady behind the designs and I just think her designs are fantastic!

She really inspires me to carry on as Mara only started her business a year ago but has had so much success already.

It always inspires me to think “if Mara can do it, I can do it too!”

It’s the Little Things in Life Print £5.00

Do you have any advice for someone starting out selling their items for the first time?

My advice would be not to give up.

These things take time to build up and sometimes it can be frustrating when things don’t always work out or you haven’t made many sales.

It is a competitive market out there but keep trying, contact as many people as you can and get the word out there about what you do and never give up!

What is your proudest achievement so far?

My proudest achievement so far was actually starting up Fuzzy Moo Designs.

For many years I felt like I could not do anything of the kind, so it was a big step for me to take the plunge into the unknown and put myself and products out there!

But since that day, I have enjoyed every minute of getting Fuzzy Moo Designs where it is today (even though I still have a long way to go!)

Beautiful Floral Cards

What do you love about nuMONDAY? 

nuMONDAY is both great for sellers and shoppers alike.

There’s a fantastic range of items you can buy and from a sellers point of view, the support you offer has been fantastic!

You can view Samantha’s items or get in touch with her via her nuMONDAY shop here.