Meet Kimberley, the creative talent behind the nuMONDAY shop Silver Sorbet.

Can you introduce yourself and what is it you do?

I am a trained Jeweller who works with solid sterling silver.

I have a range of modern simple fun designs which I hand make in my workshop at home.

My items are then sent off to the London Assay office to be hallmarked and have my own makers mark added.

I also take on bespoke commissions in any context and can work in Copper, 9 & 18ct Yellow and Rose gold.

Have you always been creative?

I learnt to knit with my Nan at a young age.

This then progressed to cross stitch, repairing and making my own clothes.

I always had a love for fashion and studied Fashion and Textiles for my GCSEs in School then as an A Level in college.

As a progression into university, I took a foundation in Art and Design where we covered all aspects including photography, film, graphics, fine art, Print, fashion and 3D design.

By the end of this course, I realised I loved and preferred working with more hard, resistant materials as opposed to fabrics.

I was taught how to enamel and hand cut metal and decided I could still focus on fashion but in “miniature” in the form of Jewellery.

University was the next step where I studied for 4 years including a year in the industry working for other designers.

After graduating with a BA Jewellery and Accessories design I worked for a bespoke jeweller for 2 years as a Junior Jeweller working up to running the shop on my own a few days a week.

My own designs started forming and I would work on them in my spare time, gradually building up my workshop then starting to sell at markets and online.

What is it working with the materials that you particularly enjoy?

I love that silver can be completely manipulated from a flat shape to a 3D structure through cutting, soldering, forming, melting or carving.

Capturing the stages take place and the end result is very therapeutic and fulfilling.

Can you tell us what inspires your items?

My items are inspired by the seasons, architecture, trends and the body shape and form.

How do you make your items?

I am a trained silversmith so all items are securely soldered, cut, filed, forged, milled and polished including a hallmark between the stages.

Kimberley’s Workshop

Tell us a bit about your studio or where it is you work from?

My workshop is based at home in Essex.

I have a jewellers bench and peg where everything is designed and made from start to finish.

In terms of a studio, I use all different places in the garden or house (depending on the weather) I love to use as much natural light in my photography as possible and am always learning and trying to improve my photographic quality.

Is there anything within your studio or workspace you could not live without?

My favourite tool to use is a half round needle file.

It is a very small file in the shape of a half circle which means I can get into tiny spaces on my jewellery that needs to be cleaned up and shaped.

I find this file so versatile and use it on everything I make. Second to that would be my pendant motor drill and burr.

Being British means it rains a lot here and can be very cloudy!

When it comes to photography in the winter, I tend to use a light box to simulate bright white daylight.

House light bulbs give off a very yellow light that just does not look crisp and professional enough for a listing image.

Kimerbley’s Photography Set Up

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Entrepreneurship means to me that I can work hard in my own environment to create my own empire.

Who inspires you as a creative entrepreneur?

I am very inspired by videographers when it comes to being creative.

I watch many Youtubers like Helen Anderson, Zoe London or Grace F Victory who have started out as hobbyists and become self-employed influencers due to their hard work.

I would like to use film in the near future to take my jewellery to the next level.

Whether this is for informative blogs, teaching, care advice or advertisement.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out selling their items for the first time?

My advice to someone starting out would be to take lots of pictures in different environments to find your own style.

Stand out with your photography, don’t follow the crowd, even by just adding 1 prop on a uniform background.

Then use these images to get out there.

Share, follow, repin, blog and repeat all the time.

The more potential customers see your work, the more they will remember you and more likely to buy.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

My proudest achievement so far would be making a bespoke order for a west end musical actress.

I spoke to her after seeing her show and she asked what I do.

Her boyfriend then called me a few days later to make a surprise birthday present for her which she shared on twitter when she received the necklace.

What do you love about nuMONDAY?

I love that nuMONDAY is a UK based company, small company.

Supporting small is something I strive to do, it is very fulfilling knowing I am contributing to another entrepreneur.

If I need help or advise, there is someone on hand to help very quickly.

No waiting around for days or having to scour the internet for hours on end to find the answer.

To discover more about Kimberley or shop her items then you can view her nuMONDAY shop here.

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