Earlier this month we launched our Facebook Sellers Group called nuMONDAY Sellers on Facebook.

This group has allowed us to gain valuable feedback from our sellers, which is helping improve our marketplace on a daily basis.

As a result of the success of the nuMONDAY Sellers Group, we are delighted to announce we are launching the nuMONDAY Community Group on Facebook.

On our nuMONDAY Community Group; sellers, customers and advocates can all join to share items, their offers and to try and find specific gift ideas as well as share updates on what they are working on.

We want to grow the community by putting the support and network in place for customers and sellers to interact as well provide another audience avenue for our sellers to reach.

To join our Sellers Group you must be a nuMONDAY seller but our nuMONDAY Community Group is open to everyone.

Join nuMONDAY Sellers by clicking here or join nuMONDAY Community by clicking here.