How to Increase Your Sales on nuMONDAY

When you join nuMONDAY your ultimate goal is to sell your handmade and handcrafted products.

With over 1 million unique views each month, driven from our paid social media channels we have plenty of traffic.

You will want to convert organic and our advertising traffic to increase your sales on nuMONDAY.

Whether you have just joined us or having been selling with us a for a long time we want to help increase your sales on nuMONDAY.

We have plenty of tips on how to increase your sales on nuMONDAY and will take you through each of them.

Your Unique Url

When you set your shop name your unique URL is created.

This is this single most important link for driving organic traffic to your shop and increasing your sales on nuMONDAY.

You can use this link and place it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest bios.

By doing this when a person visits your social page they will see your link to your shop and be able to click through to your products.

You can also share this link on Facebook and Twitter directly as a posts or Tweets.

In the SEO settings under My Shop > Settings you can set how this link looks when shared on Facebook and Twitter.

By setting this with a relevant photo, title and description you can increase the visibility of the link and increase click through.

Utilising your URL will act as your one stop shop for your products and your page and help increase organic conversion and sales.

As we provide 100% of sales it makes sense to use our URL over any of your other marketplace sites or pages.

To find your unique URL simply go to My Shop > Settings > View Store and copy the link from the address bar.

Fill in Your Shop Details

You want your shop to look as best as it can be.

Ensuring you have a shop icon and your shop description filled in is important.

This gives detail to the customer of who you are and helps to build your brand image.

Having your social links filled in enables customers to click out of your shop and get to know you better as well as follow you externally.

It also allows us to find you so we can tag and share your products easily on our social pages.

Make sure you spend time to use keywords in the description of what you sell as this will help your SEO (search engine optimisation).

SEO On Shops

When you sell online you want to be found in Google and other search engines.

On nuMONDAY we have a range of tools to help increase your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Under My Shop > Settings > SEO you will find setting for this.

The Facebook and Twitter part of these settings are just for how your shop will look when you share it across these social platforms.

The SEO title is how your shop name will display on Google searches.

It’s important to include your shop name as well as a keyword or phrase of what you sell.

For nuMONDAY we set ours as “The Home of British Creatives | nuMONDAY”.

If we just sold handmade cufflinks for example we’d perhaps set this as “Shop Handmade Cufflinks | nuMONDAY”.

Under the Meta Description we have ours set as:

“Shop from thousands of the best British creative individuals and small businesses all in one place on nuMONDAY the home of British creatives.”

Continuing our example above if we just sold cufflinks we may have:

“Shop handmade cufflinks for him and cufflinks for her for all occasions on nuMONDAY the British cufflinks shop.”

Finally on the Meta Keywords sections you’d put words or phrases that related to what you sell.

For example on nuMONDAY we use the keywords:

“nuMONDAY, handmade products, handmade goods, nu MONDAY, new Monday” and a few more.

If we were just selling cufflinks we would use:

“cufflinks, cuff links, cufflinks for him, cufflinks for her, handmade cufflinks” etc.

SEO Products

SEO is also very important on products and increasing your sales on nuMONDAY.

We advise ensuring you use the keywords on your Product Titles for internal search purposes such as if it was a pair of Golf themed cufflinks:

“Golf Themed Cufflinks, for her, for him, cufflinks, men’s cufflinks, women’s cufflinks, cuff links, father’s day” for example.

Our advice for the product description, for Golf Themed Cufflinks you may go for:

“Beautiful handmade golf themed cufflinks are perfect the golf lover in your life. Suitable for him or her, these cufflinks make the perfect present or gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas.” for example.

Using product titles like and descriptions like above will help customers find your products when they type in the keywords or phrases in our internal search.

It will also help them be found in external search engines such as Google.

Great Product Photos

Taking a good photo should be the most important thing you focus on.

Have a great product photo will naturally increase your sales on nuMONDAY.

It is the first thing a potential customer is going to see when browsing.

You want it to be clear, bright and have no distractions (do not have overpowering props and remember watermarks can look unprofessional).

Product photos should be taken with white backgrounds or with natural light.

They should be square in shape to fit into your site layout.

The great thing about product photography is you do not need a fancy camera or set up.

Here is a visual example:

Sales on nuMONDAY
Step One
Sales on nuMONDAY
Step Two
Sales on numonday
Step Three

Product Categories

With over 1000 categories there are a lot to choose from when placing your products.

Each product can be placed in up to three different categories.

It is important that you choose relevant categories for your products as customers will be put off by a product in the wrong category.

Take some time to think about where your products are best suited to be placed.

For example, a keyring that can be personalised should be placed in “Keychains & Keyrings”.

Categories are important for SEO and internal search and placing them in the correct categories will increase your sales on nuMONDAY.

Using Social Media

The use of social media is widespread amongst all age groups and demographics across the world.

Every single person is a potential customer for your business.

Building your brand across multiple social platforms is important for increasing traffic to your shop and increase your sales on nuMONDAY.

Ensure you have your URL link to all of your social pages.

You should also look to share and post all of your products multiple times a day across each platform using the social share buttons.

Our Facebook Group, nuMONDAY Nation now has over 18,000 potential customers for you to reach.

It is important you use this group daily and consistently to build your online presence and brand.

You can join the group here.

When you share your products make sure you are tagging us on all of your posts and using the hashtag #nuMONDAY so we can discover you.

You can follow us on the following social media pages:

Build Your Brand

Our most successful sellers on nuMONDAY work hard to build their businesses.

They’ve made us their home and became part of our community increasing their sales on nuMONDAY as a result.

They engage with their followers who comment on their posts on social media and comment on other nuMONDAY sellers posts.

Building your brand helps to build trust with potential customers.

When you engage with someone or share another makes work they might just share yours back which could lead to an organic lead or sale.

You quite simply never know who might see it.

Final Advice

If you’d like more advice for selling online and gaining the most out of nuMONDAY then please download our FREE eBook here and remember to stay positive, engage, be patient and put the work in and you’ll soon see your sales on nuMONDAY increase.