One of our new favourite features for adding a product is the option to add “Linked Products” to your item.

A linked product can be use in two ways, “Up Sells” and “Cross Sells”

Up Sell

An “Up Sell” will feature products of your choice when a customer is viewing an item.

These items will show on the right hand-side of the page on a Desktop device or just underneath the product description on a Mobile device.

You can see and example of this from The Bottled Baking Co. here:

 As you can see from the above the selected “Up Sell” products are illustrated on the right hand-side leading to an increase chance of a customer browsing more of your items and making a purchasing decision.

It, also, looks fantastic as well!

Cross Sells

“Cross Sells” are much like “Up Sells”, however, the difference being they will appear on the cart page for the customer, if they have selected one of your products.

Again you can see an example of this below:

The selected “Cross Sell” products will appear on the right hand-side of the item selected in the customers shopping cart.

This will increase the chances of an additional one of your items being added to the their cart and increase your sales.

To start adding “Up Sells” and “Cross Sells” to your items, simply go to “My Shop” > Manager Products > Add Product/Edit and click on “Linked Products” at the bottom of the product page as follows:

We hope you have found this tutorial on adding “Linked Products” useful and if you have products that have items with different variations such as size or colour, then we recommend reading “How to Add Variations” to help you add different variations for customers to choose from.

We look forward to seeing all your different “Cross Sells” and “Up Sells” on the nuMONDAY marketplace.