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How to Take Great Product Photos

Taking a good photo should be the most important thing you focus on when it comes to selling online.

Having a great product photo will naturally increase your sales on nuMONDAY and across your selling platforms.

It is the first thing a potential customer is going to see when browsing and you want it to be clear, bright and have no distractions (do not have overpowering props and remember watermarks can look unprofessional).

We advise for beginners that product photos should be taken with white backgrounds or with natural light.

They should be square in shape to fit into our site layout as you want to product to be seen.

The great thing about product photography is you do not need a fancy camera or set up.

Here is a visual example that you can give a go:

Sales on nuMONDAY
Step One
Sales on nuMONDAY
Step Two
Sales on numonday
Step Three

White backgrounds are great for making products really stand out on nuMONDAY and keep the customers attention on the quality of the product.

The example above is a great starting pointing on how to take great product photos.

You should invest time taking good photos as this is one of the most important aspects of selling online in the modern climate.

Once you’ve practiced and started to take great photos you can try to add props or relevant backgrounds for the product.

Some of our nuMONDAY partners have some brilliant examples as you can see below:

Each of these examples use props or backgrounds that are either relevant to product that is for sale or help the product stand out.

They are eye catching and really draw the attention of the customer.

You are more likely to click on these products to read more about them or click on a link on social media when you see a product photo that grabs your attention.

Great product photos are not just essential for selling.

They are a must for building your brand across social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Having eye-catching photos will make a huge impact on your brand engagement across social media.

To summarise we advise:

  1. Practice makes perfect!
  2. You do not need a fancy camera or set up, a simple camera phone, two pieces of white card and a window will do!
  3. Think about what attracts you to a product and how does the product photo compare to yours.
  4. Invest time in your photos as they are vital to your brand and building your business.
  5. Research and look at how others take their photos.
  6. Ask for feedback on how you can improve it! Sometimes it is worth asking someone who does not know you such as our community in nuMONDAY Nation over on Facebook so you get a true reflection on your photos.

Good luck with your photo taking and if you go and give any of our tips a try feel free to give us a tag on Instagram showing us what you’ve done!