About nuMONDAY


nuMONDAY provides an affordable platform for makers and creatives to set up a shop space and list products for sale online via our secure payment provider.

Each product listed can be found within our categories from all of our makers as well as within their own shop spaces, allowing you to shop from multiple makers at once or just your favourite.


We were founded December 2016, in Glasgow with an ambition to create an affordable space for makers and creatives to sell their products online.

Starting with only 35 sellers we have grown to host thousands of makers from across the UK who sell within their own shop spaces and within our general categories.


Our ethos is to create an affordable platform for makers and creatives to sell online.


We are often asked the origin of our name.

The “nu” stands for “new” and “Monday” represents the start of the week i.e. start of something.

Resulting in the idea that nuMONDAY represents a new beginning for you selling online or discovering something handmade or created by one of our makers.