How do I open a shop?

Simply visit, or go to Sign Up in the menu.

How do I access my shop?

Go to “Log In” and you will have full access to the Shop Manager, where you will find everything you need to list your products and set up your shop.


What is Stripe?

Stripe is an international secure payment provider for the secure transfer of funds from your customers to your bank account.

It is how you receive your sales securely.

Does Stripe cost anything?

Stripe does not cost anything upfront and they apply a simple small transaction fee on each sale you make, dependent on your region.

You will experience this same transaction fee on any other platform you may sell on, it’s not something that we control or apply.

How do I sign up to Stripe?

Simply go to Shop Manager > Settings > Payment in the Dashboard and then click “Connect Stripe” which will then redirect you to a simple Stripe sign up form.

What if I already have a Stripe account?

Simply follow the steps above but when the Stripe form loads go to “Sign In” and you will be able to connect your current Stripe account.

Stripe asks for a website and I do not have one?

As a nuMONDAY seller you have your own unique website address which you can obtain by going to Dashboard > View Store, clicking the web browser address bar you are using and copying and pasting the link from here.

This is the link you should use when prompted by Stripe to fill in a website address.

Please note: you will need to set a shop name via the Settings in the Dashboard before doing this.

My company number is not being recognised by Stripe?

If you have chosen the “Business Type” to be Limited Company then you will need to provide your company number.

Please enter this with a zero at start of your number.

Stripe does not have business description?

Please choose Retail > Other Merchandise in the “Business Description” dropdown.

Why does Stripe ask for my bank account details?

Stripe is a secure payment provider and requires your account details to process your funds from the customer directly to your bank account.

How long do sales take to be processed?

Stripe can take up to 7 working days to transfer the funds from the customer to your bank account.

You can check when the funds are due to land in your account by visiting and singing into your account at anytime.

How do I edit my account details on Stripe?

Please log in via where you can edit your settings and account details at anytime.


How do I set my shop name?

Shop Manager > Settings > Store

How do I set my shop description?

Shop Manager > Settings > Store

How do I add a shop log?

Shop Manager > Shop > Settings > Branding

The shop logo should be square in dimensions.

How do I add a shop banner?

Shop Manager > Settings > Branding

We recommend banner photos to be 1060 x 300 pixels.

What is the SEO tab?

Shop Manager > Settings > SEO

In this section, you can tailor the SEO of your shop and how it is displayed on Facebook and Twitter when you share your shop on these platforms.

The SEO settings allow you to place an SEO Title and meta description which is how your shop will look when searched for on search engines.

The meta keywords are just keywords that you want to match your shop to on search engines that people might use when searching for products externally.

The Facebook and Twitter settings under SEO are for how your shop will look when you share your shop URL on these platforms.

This allows you to fully customise the image, title, and description on the link that is shared.

How do I manage my orders?

Shop Manager > Orders

This allows you to inform the customer that their order has been shipped, add notes, tracking numbers or view the order details.

How do I put my shop in vacation mode?

Shop Manager > Settings > Store > Tick Vacation Mode

*When Vacation mode is on customers cannot purchase from your shop as long as you disable checkout.

How do I add social media links to my shop?

Shop Manager > Settings > Social

Please ensure you follow the guidelines for linking your Social Media pages as some will require just your username and others the URL.


How do I add a product?

Shop Manager > Add Product

What is the "product short description"?

This is for providing a small snippet of what the product you are selling is.

What is the "product description"?

This provides the customer with more detail about the item, such as size, materials used, weight, colour, personalisation etc.

What size should the photos be on my products?

We recommend ensuring all your product photos are of the same dimension for your shop to keep it consistent and visually attractive.

What is the "Featured Image"?

The “Featured Image” is the main image that customers will see on the site within the category listings.

Please ensure you have a “Featured Image” on your item or otherwise you will have a blank item showing in the marketplace.

What is the difference between the “Regular Price” and “Sale Price”?

The “Regular Price” is the normal price for your product. The “Sale Price” is a price for if you are discounting from your “Regular Price”.

My products are showing as out of stock when I add them?

Please ensure that you have the Product Type set properly.

If it is a simple product i.e. a product without any variations such as different colours etc then it should be set to “Simple Product”.

If it is a variable product i.e. a product with variations such as different colours etc then it should be set to “Variable Product”.

I have a one-off product how do I remove it once it has been sold?

Please ensure you have set the inventory to 1 in stock or the number of products you have in stock so they go out of stock once sold out.

My products are still showing once they have been sold?

Please ensure you have set the inventory to the number of products you have of each in stock.

How do I remove or edit my products?

Shop Manager > Manage Products

Here you will be able to edit or delete you products.


How do I add variations to my products?

Adding variations to your products is a great way to save time when it comes to adding your items.

Many items come in different colours and sizes and having the ability to add one item with multiple options will save time over adding each item individually.

Step One

Change Product Type from Simple Product to Variable Product

Step Two

Go to the Attributes Tab > Select an Attribute > Tick used for Variations > Enter your Variations into the box

*Our variations are pre-set for consistency on nuMONDAY. Please use the attributes available.

Step Three

Go to the Variations Tab > Select “Create Variations from all Attributes

Step Four

Click Expand > Enter the price for each variation combination

*Tip: If all the variations have the same prices then you can go to go to the drop-down and select “Set Regular Prices.

Step Five

Add Product

It will also improve the customer experience and make it a smoother for your customers shopping your items.

The following tutorial video shows the basic steps to add variations to your items.


How does shipping work?

You simply add the country you wish to ship to (you not need to add postcode or states, this would be used for remote area shipping) and then add the fee you wish to charge for shipping.

The QTY column if ticked will charge one shipping cost no matter the volume of products purchased in your shop.

Can I sett a different shipping price per product?

Yes, simply go to the Shipping tab when on the product edit page and you can set up different shipping for each product.

Please note, you still need to set a generic shipping cost in the shop settings for shipping to be set up correctly.

How do I set my shipping policy?

Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping


What is my shop link?

Shop Manager > View Store and then click the web address bar and copy and paste the link from here.


How do I import my products from Etsy?

If you already have an Etsy shop you may wish to speed up listing with us using our free Etsy import service.

You can use our service by simply downloading your product CSV file from Etsy and emailing it our support team at [email protected]

The service includes the featured image, description and pricing import.

It does not include any additional gallery images or categories.

To download your Etsy product CSV you will need to have access to laptop or desktop computer and follow the following guidance:

  1. Sign in to your Etsy account and go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options > Download Data.
  2. Click Download CSV to save the file to your computer.

Once you have emailed us your product CSV file along with your username we will complete the import within 1-3 working days.


Support Hours

We have a friendly team (not bots!) available for support Monday-Friday 8am-6pm (GMT).

Email a Question

More Tools & Tips

Visit our Blog by clicking here, for more tips and tools on selling online and on nuMONDAY.

Need help with an order?

We don’t fulfil orders or control refunds.

You can contact a shop by using the contact form not their shop.

Here are some steps to take if the goods you’re expecting from a nuMONDAY shop haven’t arrived:

  • First, double-check the shop’s policy on shipping and processing times. Some items take longer to make or ship, especially if the item is made-to-order or the seller is located far from you. International orders also have to pass through customs processes, which can tack on a lot more time.
  • If the estimated arrival date for your package has passed, contact the shop directly. Make sure to provide your order number and contact details. Most shops will quickly get back to you with an update, but if you don’t hear back, it doesn’t hurt to email again.
  • If you’re still missing your order, and you’ve contacted the seller more than once, you may need to file a chargeback with your card provider as a last resort. You can also file a formal complaint about the shop that we’ll keep on record if we need to do more investigating.

Close Account?

You can close your account by logging into nuMONDAY and clicking here.