Selling FAQs

What is nuMONDAY?

nuMONDAY operates an online marketplace where people connect online to sell and buy handmade and handcrafted products.

Where is nuMONDAY based?

nuMONDAY is based in Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

How long has nuMONDAY been operating?

nuMONDAY launched on 9th December 2016 with 35 sellers.

We now have thousands of sellers enjoying success and being part of our amazing community from the UK.

Who can sell on nuMONDAY?

We currently only allow sellers from across the United Kingdom to sell with us.

What are you looking for?

We are the Home of British Creatives and are looking for handmade and handcrafted sellers of all levels of talent and skills to sell on nuMONDAY.

What can I sell on nuMONDAY?

We allow the selling of handmade and handcrafted products by British based sellers.

Can I sell vintage items on nuMONDAY?

We do not allow the sale of vintage items on nuMONDAY unless the items have been up-cycled from older materials into a new item.

Can I sell second-hand items on nuMONDAY?

We do not allow the sale of second-hand items on nuMONDAY unless the items have been up-cycled.

How much does it cost to sell on nuMONDAY?

At nuMONDAY we charge a simple monthly subscription of £7 per month.

What does the subscription include?

Our £7 per month subscription includes zero commission fees,  unlimited listings and zero listing fees.

Do you charge commission?

No, our ethos is built around providing our sellers with the maximum profit for their sales.

When are payments for subscription taken?

Subscription payments are taken 7 days after the day of joining and then on that date each month.

Why are your fees so low?

nuMONDAY is built on an ethos to provide an affordable selling platform for creatives as we want to help creatives grow and become successful in a world of rising fees and costs on other marketplaces.

What currency do you sell in?

The currency you sell in is GBP.

Are there listing fees for my items?

We do not charge any listing fees and you can list as many items as you want for as long as you want without the need to re-list.

How do I get paid?

Payments are paid via our secure payment provider.

How do I know I have sold something?

An email alert is sent to your registered email as soon as you have sold an item.

Do I have my own URL?

Your shop will have your own unique nuMONDAY URL.

Can I add my own URL?

You cannot directly add your own URL but you can redirect a URL you currently own via your hosting provider.

Can I still sell on other marketplaces?

Yes, we do not limit where you sell your items and actively encourage you to sell on multiple channels to build your brand and customer base.

Can I import my products from Etsy?

Yes, we provide a service to import your products from Etsy into your nuMONDAY shop which does not impact your Etsy shop.

Can I import my products from other sources?

No, the only import we can offer currently is from Etsy.

Do I need to have an online shop already?

No, we are open to new sellers and sellers from other platforms.

Can I see how many people have viewed my items?

There are item statistics on all of your items showing how many people have viewed them.

Is there an App?

We do not currently have an App but do have plans to launch an App in the near future as we continue to grow.

I do not see a category for my items, can it be added?

If you do not see a category for your items then please contact us and we will consider it as a possible addition to our existing list.

Can I sell personalised items?

Yes, you can sell personalised items.

We have a “Notes Box” at checkout for customers to leave details for a personalised item.

Do you support variable products?

Yes, you can add variations to your product such as colour, size, material.

Can I sell downloadable items?

Yes, you can sell digital or downloadable items such as prints or books for example.

Please note that sellers are accountable and responsible for ensuring VAT MOSS is paid on their downloaded sales.

Do you have a Facebook group?

Yes, we have a Facebook Group called “nuMONDAY Nation” which provides you access to over 20,000 of our customers for you to share your shop and latest items with.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is no minimum subscription period.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We do not charge any cancellation fees as we understand circumstances may change for any individual or business at any time.

Why should I join?

We care about British handmade and handcrafted products and sellers.

Supporting our partners 24/7 to increasing their businesses whether it is a hobby or a full-time job.

Whether you are just starting out or an established seller, nuMONDAY is open to everybody.


Sell on nuMONDAY

£7per month
  • Professional Reports
  • Instant Payments
  • Zero Commission Fees
  • Zero Listing Fees
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Etsy Import Service