Etsy Import Service

Our Etsy Import Service allows for you to import your Etsy Shop listings from Etsy into nuMONDAY without impacting your Etsy Shop.

The advantage of this service is it allows you to import the skeleton of your listings and give you a quicker way of listing your products on nuMONDAY.

Our ethos is built on supporting makers and the Etsy import is part of that.

That is why our Import Service is free and included in your subscription.

Please note the maximum number of items that can be imported is 500.

The Etsy Import includes the following:



Featured Image

It does not include:

Gallery Images



You will need to add any further images, variations and assign your products to categories after the import.

To import your products you will need to download your product CSV file from Etsy by signing into your Etsy account and going to Your Shop > Shop Settings > Options then click “Download Data” and click the Download CSV button.

Please note that you can only download your CSV file on a desktop or laptop device.

If you do not have one of these devices then please email Etsy directly requesting your CSV file.

Once downloaded please email your CSV file to [email protected]

The Etsy import will then appear in your Manage products within 48-72 hours.