What You Can Sell


At nuMONDAY you can sell anything from jewellery and clothing to homeware.

Before selling with us please ensure you have checked our “Prohibited” list of products and ensure you are set up for certain products that require further legal compliance by reading our Legal Compliance Policy.

We are always open to new product categories and ideas so if you do not feel there is a suitable category for your products then please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will see if we can create it.


We have compiled a list of prohibited items that cannot be sold on nuMONDAY.

-Adult and pornographic products


-Illegal, hazardous or dangerous items

-Items which infringe copyright

-Medicines for Human or Animals

-Nicotine, E-cigarettes and E-liquids

-Psychic or Tarot Readings

-Second hand items



-Vintage items unless up-cycled into a new item


Sell on nuMONDAY

£7per month
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Professional Reports
  • Instant Payments
  • Zero Listing Fees
  • Unlimited Listings
  • 100% of Sales
  • Etsy Import Service