Alternative to Etsy

“The help and support provided by the team when you have a problem is first class and immediate.

The social media side to the business tirelessly promotes its sellers and has created a great online community too.

I can highly recommend this platform for creatives and small businesses.”

Helen Rogers, Shop Owner of MisHelenEous


Over the years several marketplaces such as Etsy have significantly increased their fee policy which has had a detrimental impact on independent creative businesses, such as artists, makers and creatives selling online.

They’ve gone away from supporting an industry they first set out to showcase and build by allowing mass produced product sellers to join their ranks.

It was due to this, nuMONDAY launched in December 2016, in Glasgow, with an ambition to provide UK artists, makers and creatives a different type of selling platform.

Our ethos is to provide an affordable platform for artists, makers and creatives in the UK to sell online.

That is why we do not charge commission fees, have zero listing fees and unlimited listings.

Our platform is focussed on providing artists, makers and creatives in the UK a space to sell their work online, allowing them to focus on what they do best – being creative.

Behind nuMONDAY we have a team that is fiercely passionate about the creative industry in the UK.

We’ve built an amazing community over the few years and one our members are proud to call home for their work.

“I sell on nuMONDAY and it’s been a great experience.

My small business has blossomed with lots of sales and great reviews.

I’d definitely recommend joining nuMONDAY if you are a seller.”

Juliet Claridge, Shop Owner of Juebags


As a British company, we are focussed on providing artists, makers and creatives from the UK an affordable platform to sell their work on.

Our subscription fees are paid monthly, 6 monthly or annually and include zero commission fees, unlimited listings and zero listing fees – allowing you to manage your finances simply.

We don’t claim to be like Etsy, nor do we want to be.

We are simply providing UK artists, makers and creatives an alternative platform to sell their work from, within a community of likeminded creatives and more importantly customers.

“Moving our main shop over to nuMONDAY was one of the best things we ever did.

Thank you!”

Rachel Job, Shop Owner of Running Cards UK


There are many reasons as a UK artist, maker or creative you should join nuMONDAY to sell your work from, other than global online marketplaces or even setting up your own website.

Here’s just a few of them:

– Our ethos is to create an affordable platform for UK artists, makers and creatives to sell online.

– We are a small team of people who are passionate about the creative industry in the UK.

– We do not have shareholders to please, enabling us to reinvest on growing our platform and providing our zero commission fee policy.

– We are open to UK artists, makers and creatives of all levels of skill and talent – nuMONDAY is for everybody and we are here to support and help you improve your listings and online presence.

– With 0% commission fees, zero listing fees, and unlimited listings, you can list as often and as much as you like.

– Selling with us is a simple monthly, 6 monthly or annual subscription and costs the equivalent of £10 or less per month depending on the subscription package you choose to sell on.

– Our monthly subscription is £10 per month.

– Our 6 monthly subscription is £50 per 6 months.

– Our annual subscription is £90 per year.

– You can cancel anytime as we know circumstances change (However, please note our subscriptions are non-refundable once the service has been used).

– You can sell almost anything on nuMONDAY, from handmade to up-cycled and recycled vintage, to art and designed products.

– You can add variations to products and create your own variations such as colour and size and other choices.

– You can sell personalised products as we have a notes box at checkout for these types of products.

– We have a fast, efficient and friendly support team that is always available to help.

– You can place your shop in holiday mode or disable add to cart buttons when you are not processing orders.

– You receive your own nuMONDAY shop space with nuMONDAY url (nuMONDAY web address) for promoting and directing customers to your shop and products, which you can link to all of your social media pages.

– All our shop spaces are distraction free, which means when a customer lands on your shop page they see your products and your products only, allowing you to build your customer base and brand.

– We have a Facebook Group that is open to customers and sellers called nuMONDAY Nation Official and has over 29,700 customers for you to promote your products directly to on a daily basis.

– You can customise your shop with a shop icon and shop banner along with a shop description and social media links.

– You can choose to ship domestically or internationally or both if you feel you wish to do so.

– Our easy set up process and simple fee structure makes opening a shop with us cheaper and simpler to do than setting up your own website, allowing you to focus on the day to day running of your creative business.

“nuMONDAY is a wonderful platform for selling handmade goods, with a great ethos.

The site has a professional feel, is very easy to navigate and list items quickly. “

Laura Phillips, Shop Owner of Sketches & Stones



Our Ethos

Our ethos is simply to provide an affordable platform for makers, artists and creatives to sell their work online.

Easy Set Up

Easy setup process that enables you to be selling your first item within minutes, with a dedicated Help Centre and support team.

Your Own Shop

Personalise your nuMONDAY shop with your own logo and banner and use your unique nuMONDAY web address to direct customers straight to your items to purchase swiftly and securely, building your own reputation and brand across the nuMONDAY community.

Alternative Website

Our subscription packages are significantly cheaper than any website builder cost for an eCommerce site or package providing you with the perfect place to sell your products securely.

Help Centre

Our detailed Help Centre has everything you need to know in the knowledge base to list your products and start selling.

Simple Fee Structure

Simple monthly, 6 monthly or yearly subscription with 0% commission fees, unlimited listings and zero listing fees.

SSL Certificate Protected

All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks.

Distraction Free Shop

Enjoy a distraction free shop where your customers will not be distracted from leaving your shop or buying elsewhere. Your shop space will only show your products, along with store icon, banner image, about you section and contact form.

Manage Your Finances

A simple affordable monthly, 6 monthly or yearly subscription with zero commission fees, zero listing fees or hidden fees to make it easy to run your business finances.

Supportive Community

Promote your shop and products daily to over 29,000 customers in our customer group on Facebook daily called nuMONDAY Nation.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Set your own shipping prices for domestic and international locations along with free, tiered or fixed pricing.


Offer individual product discounts through personalised coupon codes or host a full store sale to treat your customers.

Secure Payments

Our secure payment provider Stripe provides a safe and secure transfer of your sales money straight to your bank account and protects our platform from fraudulent sellers, for a small transaction fee of 1.4% plus 20p per transaction.

Manage on the Go

nuMONDAY is fully mobile optimized so you can access your shop or dashboard at any time or any place, allowing you to set up, list or promote your shop on the go.

Customer Reviews

Showcase your product reviews from customers on all your products with our seller review system

“The help and support provided by the team when you have a problem is first class and immediate.

I can highly recommend this platform for creatives and small businesses.”

Helen Rogers, Shop Owner of MisHelenEous


1. You open a shop with us

2. You list your items

3. You market your products to customers

4. Customers order and pay through a secure checkout

5. You receive payment instantly

6. We let you know via email so you can fulfil their order

7. You send the order to the customer



Our plans start at less than £10 per month.

Our ethos is to simply provide an affordable platform for makers, artists and creatives to sell their work on.

That means no hidden fees and a platform that allows you to focus on running your creative business.