About Us


Welcome to nuMONDAY, a Glasgow-based online marketplace, where you can shop from thousands of UK artists, makers and creatives.

Since 2016, artists, makers and creatives from across the UK, have used our platform to sell their work, making it simple for you to shop from all of them in one place.

All products on nuMONDAY have been handmade, designed or created by the seller via a creative design process.

That means, each and every product is unique and made with love for you.

When you make a purchase on nuMONDAY you are supporting the creative industry in the UK and directly supporting an independent artist, maker or creative.

We hope you enjoy what our artists, makers and creatives have to offer for you.

Happy shopping!


Our ethos is to connect customers with the creative industry in the UK by providing the UK’s leading online marketplace for artists, makers and creatives.


We are often asked the origin of our name.

Simply put, the “nu” stands for “new” and “Monday” represents the start of the week i.e. start of something.

Resulting in the idea that nuMONDAY represents a new beginning for you selling or shopping directly from UK artists, makers or creatives.