About Us


nuMONDAY launched in December 2016, in Glasgow, UK.

At nuMONDAY, our ethos is to provide an affordable platform for creatives in the UK to sell online.

Because of our ethos, we offer the best valued marketplace in the UK for creatives to sell their work online.

We are a small team of people passionate about independent and small creative businesses.

Remember, when you shop on nuMONDAY you are directly supporting a UK individual or small business.


Our ethos is to simply provide an affordable platform for artists, makers and creatives to sell their work from their own space online.


We are often asked the origin of our name.

Simply put, the “nu” stands for “new” and “Monday” represents the start of the week i.e. start of something.

Resulting in the idea that nuMONDAY represents a new beginning for you selling or shopping handmade or designed products from the best creatives in the UK.