About nuMONDAY

“I founded nuMONDAY in order to provide an affordable online commerce solution for creatives in the UK to sell their products on.

I have alway felt the cost of eCommerce websites and marketplaces are far too high with constant rising prices as well as having complicated fee structures.

I felt it was important to provide an alternative that was affordable, simple to use and allow creatives to focus on growing their business.”

Michael Wight, Founder of nuMONDAY


At nuMONDAY we have thousands of British makers selling on our platform directly to you so you can find that unique and perfect gift for a loved one or friend for any occasion.

Our affordable selling platform supports creatives in the UK and unlike other platforms provides them with 100% of their sales with our 0% commission fee policy.

Meaning that when you make a purchase on nuMONDAY you are directly supporting a British creative individual or business.

We have a wide range of gifts for all occasions so be prepared to be inspired.


Founded in December 2016, in Glasgow, nuMONDAY was created to provide British creatives with an opportunity to sell their products on an affordable marketplace and eCommerce solution in order to maximise their profits and grow their business.


To create an affordable selling platform for British creative individuals and small businesses of all sizes and levels of talent – nuMONDAY is for everybody!


“The name nuMONDAY was based on my philosophy that everyone should follow their passions and do what they love.

Instead of dreading the working week, you should be embracing it and that’s where the name nuMONDAY was formed, with the “nu” standing for new mindset and “MONDAY” representing your new beginning.”

Michael Wight, Founder of nuMONDAY