About Us

Be Prepared To Be Inspired

At nuMONDAY we’ve scoured the nation to bring together beautifully made designs from thousands of the UK’s best small creative businesses.

Bringing together all of the UK’s incredible talents in one place, allows us to present to you some of the most unique and incredible gifts on the market.

Made with love for you, you will be truly inspired by what our sellers have to offer.

Our Origin

Founded in December 2016, in the Southside of Glasgow, nuMONDAY was created to provide creative entrepreneurs with an opportunity to sell their items on a community-based marketplace.

Our Approach

We offer a wide range of services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, grow and manage their business in an affordable manner.

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe that everyone should do what they love, without having to wake up on a Monday morning dreading their working week ahead, after all, you only live once.

Our Ethos

To create an affordable selling platform for creative entrepreneurs.

“The name nuMONDAY was based on my philosophy that everyone should follow their passions and do what they love.  Instead of dreading the working week, you should be embracing it and that’s where the name nuMONDAY was formed, with the “nu” standing for new mindset and “MONDAY” representing your new beginning.”

Michael Wight, Founder of nuMONDAY