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5 Simple Tips To Success

We have put together 5 simple tips to make sure you increase your visits and conversion to your nuMONDAY shop.

nuMONDAY Nation

Our amazing Facebook group nuMONDAY Nation provides you a direct audience of over 5,000 potential customers.

By posting daily and consistently throughout the day with your links from your shop and your items, you will grow your brand and items awareness to an audience that love handmade.

Our most successful sellers have had great success on our platform as they are consistent with their posting and have the patience to ensure they build their brand to the audience.

We recommend posting at least three times a day on nuMONDAY Nation to maximise the opportunity and to grow your brand awareness in our community.


When posting on Twitter and Instagram make sure you are using the hashtag #nuMONDAY.

We follow #nuMONDAY on Instagram so we can find you and with over 5,500 posts on Instagram with this hashtag many of our customers are beginning to follow it and shop from it almost like a portfolio or gift guide.

Another tip on Instagram is to tag @nuMONDAYcom on all your Instagram stories and we will add it to our story.

Start using #nuMONDAY, give it a follow and make sure you start to follow those using it as well to build your network.


Why would you have your Etsy shop as your main URL or website link on your social media pages like Instagram?

We give you 100% of your sales so it only makes sense to use your nuMONDAY shop to drive your customers directly to your shop so you are receiving every pound of those sales!

If you’d rather give your customers choice then use to help direct customers to your different platforms.

To see how works head over to our Instagram here and look at how we use it to direct customers.


When shopping online you want to see who you are buying from.

Treat your nuMONDAY shop page as your shop window.

You would not buy from a shop that looked bare and uninviting so why would you not have a store icon to catch the attention and intrigue of customers browsing your shop.

Make sure you put your social links in your shop via My Shop > Shop Settings > Social so customers can have a nosey at your presence online and see you are trustworthy away from the platform.

Always check your social links are working and you have followed the correct guidance to link them as each one requires a different way of linking them.

We also recommend a one-line Shop Description simply stating what you sell, with your Seller Info used as the more detail description as this comes up on all the items you sell.


Make sure all of your items are categorised!

Having your items in relevant categories makes all the difference.

If you place them in categories that are not relevant then it can put customers off as there is nothing worse than spam even in a marketplace when you are looking for something specific.

Remember you can add an item in up to three categories so make sure you add it to a gift category if it is relevant for a certain occasion or person!

We hope these 5 simple tips help you grow your brand presence online with nuMONDAY and as always if you need any support please email us at [email protected].

Happy selling!