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“Moving our main shop over to nuMONDAY was one of the best things we ever did.

Thank you!”

Rachel Job, Shop Owner of Running Cards UK who recently celebrated her 500th sale


British Maker Focused

With thousands of British makers selling and enjoying success with us.

We Give 100% of Sales

We do not charge commission, transaction or listings fees on any sales on our marketplace – so you can maximise your profits.

Your Own Online Shop

Personalise your nuMONDAY shop and use your unique URL to direct customers straight to your items.

Easy Set Up

Easy setup process that enables you to be selling your first item within minutes.

Secure & Instant Payments

All sales are processed securely to you instantly so you have a full control of the selling and shipping process.

Professional Reports

Track your sales over time, print shipping labels and export orders directly from your shop dashboard.

British Made

We were founded and are based in Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

Free Cancellation

We understand circumstances may change and that is why we offer free cancellation at any time for no extra fee.

Global Reach

Be found by over 1 million monthly unique viewers – that’s a lot of potential customers for your handmade products.


Supportive Community

Join our Facebook Group nuMONDAY Nation and become part of our supportive community filled with thousands of customers and makers.

SSL Certificate Protected

All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks.

Offer Free Shipping

Set free shipping for all of your items with a click of a button or on an individual product basis.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Set your own shipping prices for domestic and international locations along with tiered and fixed pricing.

Manage on the Go

nuMONDAY is fully mobile optimised so you can access your shop or dashboard at any time or any place.

Etsy Import

Speed up listing with us by using our Etsy Import service copying all of your listings over from Etsy into nuMONDAY without impacting your Etsy shop.

Sell on Facebook

Link your Facebook shop to your nuMONDAY products for customers to checkout securely via Facebook.


Offer individual product discounts or host a full shop sale across your nuMONDAY shop for your customers.

Digital Products

Customers can order and download your digital products right from your online shop.

“The help and support provided by the team when you have a problem is first class and immediate.

The social media side to the business tirelessly promotes its sellers and has created a great online community too.

It’s also fantastic that this site is UK based.

I can highly recommend this platform for creatives and small businesses.”

Helen Rogers, Shop Owner of MisHelenEous


Sell on nuMONDAY

£7per month
  • Professional Reports
  • Instant Payments
  • Zero Listing Fees
  • Unlimited Listings
  • 100% of Sales

“I founded nuMONDAY in order to provide an affordable online commerce solution for creatives in the UK to sell their products on.

I have alway felt the cost of eCommerce websites and marketplaces are far too high with constant rising prices as well as having complicated fee structures.

I felt it was important to provide an alternative that was affordable, simple to use and allow creatives to focus on growing their business.”

Michael Wight, Founder of nuMONDAY



A simple affordable monthly subscription with no listing, transaction or hidden fees to make it easy to run your business finances.

British Maker Focused

We are passionate about handmade and we have thousands of British makers selling and enjoying success with us.

Global Reach

We generate over 1million views per month from Pinterest alone – that’s a lot of potential customers for your handmade products.


From social media to press coverage, our marketing campaigns keep us and you in the public eye.

Passionate About Handmade

We are passionate about British handmade and handcrafted goods, with thousands of sellers selling their craft with us.

Quick Set Up

List your own items easily and quickly within minutes or use our Etsy import.


Thousands of makers already sell with us with over 1 million customer visits per month with our customer and seller protection.

Community Focussed

Our Facebook Group is open to anyone and has thousands of customers waiting for you to share your products with.

Social Media Checkout

Link your nuMONDAY items to your Facebook shop for secure checkout from Facebook & Instagram posts.

“nuMONDAY is a wonderful platform for selling handmade goods, with a great ethos.

The site has a professional feel, is very easy to navigate and list items quickly. “

Laura Phillips, Shop Owner of Sketches & Stones


Manage Your Finances

A simple affordable monthly subscription with no listing, transaction or hidden fees to make it easy to run your business finances.

100% of Sales

We give 100% of sales to our sellers and do not take any commission so you can maximise your profits.

No Hidden Fees

We do not have any listing fees and you can list as many products as you want for as long as you want without the need to relist.

Prevents Fraud

Having a monthly fee prevents fraudsters or mass produced sellers from joining our platform protecting you and our customers.


We invest all money made from subscriptions back into the growth of nuMONDAY through advertising and growing our community.

Free Cancellation

You can cancel anytime as we realise circumstances can change on a daily basis.

No Shareholders

We do not have any shareholders to please which allows us to reinvest all subscription fees back into growing nuMONDAY.

Supportive Community

Network and promote your products to thousands of makers and sellers in our Facebook Group, nuMONDAY Nation.

Alternative Website

Our monthly subscription is cheaper than any website builder cost for an eCommerce site or package giving you a quick and easy link to sell your products securely from to your customers.


1. You open a shop with us

2. You list your items

3. We market your products to customers

4. Customers order and pay through our checkout

5. You receive payment instantly

6. We let you know so you can fulfill their order

7. You send the order to the customer



Our large-scale, social media and press campaigns reach millions of people each month.

Business Guidance

Access to our range of resources and business guidance for growing your business.

100% of Sales

We do not charge any commission on sales or listing fees so you receive maximum profits.


We are here to help support you get your products listed along with any support queries you may have.

Supportive Community

Join a supportive community of over 10,900 like-minded British makers.

Direct Access to Customers

We give you direct access to share your products, news and shops to thousands of our customers in our Facebook group.


Products that have been designed or made by yourself.

Respect for intellectual property rights.

British businesses or individuals of all levels of size and talent – nuMONDAY is for everybody!


At nuMONDAY we are the Home of British makers and are looking for sellers of handmade and handcrafted products to sell with us.

We are always open to new product ideas and we’re constantly looking to diversify our product mix.

Please note: we do not allow the sale of vintage or second-hand items.


At nuMONDAY we do not have any commission or transaction fees that we apply to sales.

That means you receive 100% of all of your sales.

There are no listing fees and the only fees that are applied are fees from the payment provider Stripe which is 1.4% + 20p per transaction with European cards and 2.9% + 20p with non-European cards.

We now use Stripe over PayPal to send our sellers money due to their lower fees which match our ethos of giving you the sales you deserve.

nuMONDAY believes in supporting small businesses and that is why we use a payment provider to send your money that has the lowest fees.

On PayPal they charge 3.4% + 20p per transaction which is significantly higher than Stripe.

The only fee to sell on nuMONDAY that we apply is the £7 per month subscription charge, which can be cancelled at any time without any further charge.

It is worth noting all sales are sent to you immediately after checkout has been processed by the customer.


Sell on nuMONDAY

£7per month
  • Professional Reports
  • Instant Payments
  • Zero Listing Fees
  • Unlimited Listings
  • 100% of Sales